Are You Unethical?

Are You Unethical?

Was The Notorious B.I.G. right? Does more money really cause more problems?

If recent research from Harvard and the University of Utah is to be believed, the answer would be a resounding yes, according to DailyFinance. Study participants who were exposed to just the concept of money were more likely to demonstrate worrisome behaviors like unethical intentions, decisions and behaviors over those who were not exposed to the thought of money.


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The authors of the paper concluded that "Money may be a more insidious corruption factor than previously appreciated, going well beyond the often lamented 'love of money' to touch even those not overtly motivated by greed."

It's a scary thought, especially when you consider the fact that all the participants in this study did was unscramble sentences like "She spends money liberally" versus sentences that ignored the topic of money altogether. Just putting the idea of cash into participants' heads caused them to be more likely to say they would hire a job candidate who would share insider information on a competitor, or to admit to being likely to do things like steal office supplies from a job.

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What do you guys think? Has the thought or promise of cash ever prompted you to do something greedy?


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