9 Ways to Save on Gardening This Summer

summer gardenIf you are fortunate enough to have outdoor space, be it fire escape, patio or yard, then you know just how much of your disposable income beautifying it can eat up.

To say nothing of the decisions required: Plants! Planters! Grass or mulch? And will I kill all of those pretty flowers I just brought home? The options are expansive—and expensive.

But you can have a beautiful outdoor space on a budget. Lisa Cangialosi, owner of New York-based landscape design company When in Bloom Inc., offers up nine creative ways to stay within your means this summer, no matter how big a patch of earth you have to tend to.

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  • Joanne

    My local garden nursery also mentioned to me that many perennials require three years before they are really established, lush and full. So even they may seem sparse, they may be doing just fine and then explode. Good thing!

    Day Lilly have to be kept up with separating the roots when they are getting overgrown or they can easily overtake a space. Their root bulbs easily separate in the fall, and then you can share the roots with someone else as a lovely gift.

  • Christina Drews-Leonard

    Here are a couple more ideas. Grow plants from seeds. Seed packets are affordable and grow easily. They take longer but are worth the wait. Host a neighborhood plant exchange. Gardeners bring extra plants from their gardens and take plants that they need.