8 Fun Kitchen Crafts to Do With Your Kids

kitchen crafts for kidsWhat is that saying about necessity being the mother of invention?

The same can also be true of crafting. Sometimes a great creative (and cheap!) moment with your kids is waiting in your pantry.

And I do mean cheap: You'd be surprised what that box of corn starch gathering dust can do.

In fact, lingering in the back of most people’s shelves are bags of flour, salt, sugar and more. The obvious thing to do with these staples is bake ... and the less obvious thing is to turn them into homemade Play-Doh, fridge magnets and sidewalk paint.

When the craft cabinet is bare and so is your wallet, look to the kitchen instead. Here are eight great ideas to keep growing minds entertained.

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  • district_of_confusion

    Why do all of these involve wasting food?

    • person

      because its fun and gets your children out of the way

      • G. Rader

        I agree, I am more than willing to spend a few dollars at the dollar store to purchase these items. It’s a great learning experience for little ones, from purchasing the items to completing the project. Beats them watching TV and playing video games. It’s about time parents get back to doing things with their children instead of the “instant babysitters”

  • Adriana

    I think these are very creative activities. Using what nature provides adds one more layer of special and meaningful. Looking at alternate ways to use what we have has given rise to many modern improvements to the world.