7 Money Links We Love: The McMansion Comeback

7 Money Links We Love: The McMansion Comeback

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

One way plastic can be good for your finances? It can provide you with points and miles—and here's how to use them to plan your summer getaway. How to Plan a Credit Card Rewards Trip - Credit.com

For some friends, losing a job can feel similar to grieving a loved one—so you need to tread carefully. What to Say (and What Not To) When a Friend Gets Laid Off - The DailyMuse

Everyone knows that mortgage rates are still low, but here are a few other things to expect if you're buying or selling a home soon. 4 Real Estate Trends for Summer 2013 - Zillow

And while we're on the topic ... Although general home construction is down, thanks to the housing crisis, the ones that are being erected are curiously getting bigger. The Return of McMansions - Economix, The New York Times

This writer wants better consumer protection policies in place when it comes to combatting aggressive sales tactics and manipulative retail practices. It's Time for a Shoppers' Bill of Rights - DailyFinance

There are plenty of things to discuss when you join finances with a partner—and some of them have nothing to do with dollars and cents. 6 Ways Joint Finances Are Not About the Money - YourTango

Gardening season is upon us ... and your green thumb could save you some green. 8 Foods That Are Cheaper To Grow Than Buy - Business Insider

Sales are off the charts for this summer splurge—a sign that the economy is heating up. Look at Those RVs Go: Americans Return to Homes on Wheels

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A peek into the finances of three real-life Brady Bunches. Big Families, Not-So-Big Budgets: How We Make It Work

The way to a fulfilling work life may be through career pathsDo You Have What It Takes to Be a Wide Achiever?

Apparently, even money pros aren't always perfect. I'm a Financial Planner: How I Got into $50,000 of Debt

Planning to hit the open road on your own? These tricks could save you a bundle. Flying Solo: Summer Travel Tips for Singles

These entrepreneurial overachievers struck it big before high school, and they've got advice for your wannabe wunderkinds. 4 Teenage Moguls: What They Know That You Don't


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