7 Money Links We Love: Scammer Secrets Uncovered

7 Money Links We Love: Scammer Secrets Uncovered

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Planning to do some home improvements this summer? Consider purchasing these four items to save some cash before you start. Things to Buy in June - Zillow

From automated 401(k) deposits to making loan payments twice a month rather than once, it could pay to opt for more default modes in your life. Choosing the "Default Option" Can Save You a Bundle - DailyFinance

Apprehensive about investing? This chart may change your mind. The Cost of Sitting On Cash - Business Insider

Check out this handy guide for handling some of life's most cringe-worthy financial episodes—like when you take your boss out to dinner ... only to have your credit card declined. How to Deal with Six of the Most Awkward Money Moments - Lifehacker

The U.S. Financial Diaries Project tracks some curious spending habits when it comes to American households—like footwear costs. The Financial Diaries of Families - The Billfold

Turns out that a fancy house number can make a difference. 7 Ways to Increase Curb Appeal - BrightNest

If a salesman insists that Brad Pitt is investing in his venture ... run. 7 Surprising Tricks Financial Scammers Don't Want You To Know - InvestingAnswers

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A sports agent, a military colonel and a TV producer dish. How I Made It in a "Man's" Field: 5 High-Powered Women Tell All

At LearnVest, we like to say, "we're tough because we care." These eight people share the hardest piece of advice that changed their lives. The Toughest Advice I Ever Got ... Was the Best Advice

It can be daunting to save for retirement when a company isn't automatically deducting the funds from your paycheck—but it needn't be. Self-Employed? Re-energize Your Retirement Savings

Five dads share why they took time off when their kids were born—and the stress that went along with it. Why Are Men Afraid to Use Paternity Leave?

Take a peek into the absurd world of preschools that charge $40,000 ... a year. Confessions of a Preschool Admissions Coach


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