7 Clever Barbecue Side Dishes

summer bbq sidesWhen you're hosting a barbecue, you expect to shell out for Grade A steak and other quality meats. And that's O.K.—after all, they're the main event!

But if you don't want to torpedo your entire summer entertainment budget in one sitting by paying top dollar for proteins, there is a simple solution: Buy less meat and round out your barbecue menu with inventive yet inexpensive sides that are just as filling.

From prosciutto mac and cheese to arugula pesto potato salad, we've put together seven delicious sides dishes to try this weekend ... and every one after that.

To see the the slides in one long list, click into the slide show and select "list view." 

Cara Eisenpress is the co-founder and head chef of Big Girls, Small Kitchen, an award-winning home-cooking site.

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  • Whydopeoplehate

    I have been looking for a radish recipe for weeks! I use the radish greens as pesto ingredients (they are a little bitter, but so good for you). I couldn’t find anything to do with the radishes, and this will be fantastic! I don’t keep red wine vinegar in the house on a regular basis, do you know if apple cider vinegar will work or is there something particular about the red wine vinegar? Also, do these stay crunchy or do they get soggy? Thanks so much for the recipe!

    • sharon

      they would turn out soft,the cabbage would,not sure about the radishes but i think they would turn soft cooking it this way.cook the radishes with onions,garlic butter would probly taste good,i dont know though as im not sure i could beable to just radishes by it self,i would have to mix it in with something someway lol