12 Fun Ways to Save on Wedding Costs


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    • Laura

      I really like the idea of gathering gold from loved ones to make your own rings. That’s definitely one idea that I would have never thought about.

    • Kate

      Box wine and keg beer? Board games? Many of these ideas seem to be tailored to very young, college-age people, but maybe that’s just me.
      Though, I like the idea of Whole Foods cakes– my friends have also done cupcakes to save on costs, and also friends as photographers.

      • Krissy

        Actually there are some pretty tasty box wines on the market now, not just Franzia. Try Big House wines. I love their Cardinal Zin. Also, black box Malbec is delish. At $20 for the equivalent of four bottles (here in PA) they are great for parties, even for the 30+ set! And you can get any kind of beer in a keg, it doesn’t half to be natty ice. ;-)

    • w

      These are fantastic ideas – thank you!

    • Name

      I love the idea of doing a dessert bar instead of one big, expensive cake.

    • Gretchen1

      We did a potluck reception, and it went over GREAT! Our music, cake, and wedding planner was all gifted to us. I think we spent around $5000, including venue, honeymoon, hotels, gas.

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