10 Things You Don’t Know About My Finances: Kellee Khalil


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    • KC

      And I save $9 a juice by making it at home.

      ???? how much is each juice that she would normally buy? Should that be $9/week?

      • Kody

        $9/juice does sound a bit high but most store bough juices are $9 each, and if I juice at home they are $3-5 each. So there definitely is a cost savings, I just don’t know if it is that high.

      • jennafry

        She’s not talking about plain apple juice. If you buy juice that has been “juiced” at places that specialize in juicing, they’re totally $9 each…

      • It’s an interesting anchor point to pick. She could probably save $6 per juice just by buying it at cheaper places.

        Along the same lines, I could say that I save $1 million per day by riding the public subway rather than building my own…or I could say I save $20 a day by not taking cabs.

    • Ken Herbert

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    • Great advice to follow!

    • That’s terrific! That savings on juice is *huge*. Think about how far that $9 savings can go toward a nice cushy retirement :)

    • Betty

      Just bought a Keurig a few weeks ago as a Christmas gift for my husband to take to work. Come to find that the three of us in my household use it daily! Saves both money and time from having to make a stop on my way to work, school or wherever.