Monthly Archives: June 2013

A New Way to Nab Frequent-Flier Perks

Some airlines now publicize “status match” programs that allow frequent travelers to enjoy elite status … with competing carriers. More

Will Rising Rates Put the Kibosh on the Housing Boom?

Some worry that the real estate market’s long-term recovery could be hindered by a record spike in mortgage rates. More

Can You Say That You’re Financially Free?

In the land of liberty, a shockingly low number of U.S. citizens feel that they’ve achieved financial independence. More

The Student Loan Gender Divide

A new study finds that student loan debt is similar across the sexes—but one group is far more concerned about paying it back. More

6 4-Minute Decorations for the 4th of July

Placemats, printables and table runners will perk up any Independence Day celebration. More

When Platinum Cards Are Worth the Fees

If you qualify, consider the perks that come with using this special brand of plastic. More

Meet the Frugals: Why I Don’t Care About Upsizing

Gone are the days of buying bigger and better: See how real people resist lifestyle creep for the sake of their wallets. More

Can Paying for College Actually Hurt Our Kids?

New research shows that footing the bill may not be a good idea. Here’s why—and how to do it in a way that will help them succeed. More

8 Classic American Dishes—With a Twist

This year, give your favorite classics a gourmet upgrade, and whip up perfect dishes for the 4th of July. More

The Winner of the June Travel Money Challenge

For our June challenge, we asked our readers to share their best cost-cutting travel tips. More