Would You Get Inked for a Raise?

Would You Get Inked for a Raise?

How much do you love the company that employs you?

Enough to join in on the occasional staff happy hour? Enough to help plan the next office outing? Enough to ink the company logo somewhere on your person?


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For agents with Rapid Realty in New York City, that last one now comes with the added perk of a 15% raise. But if you think it's a crazy idea, consider this—40 agents have already happily had their bodies permanently stamped with the logo ... and even more are on the way.

Perhaps the idea really isn't so crazy. After all, agents at the company work on commission, which means that the 15% increase in pay applies to each and every deal they make (up to a 40% cap).

The tattoos can be any size, and placed anywhere on the agent's body for him or her to qualify. In fact, Anthony Lolli, CEO of Rapid Realty, admitted to NBC News that some agents went ahead and got themselves inked even though they were already at their commission rate cap.

Now if that's not company loyalty, we don't know what is.


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