Top Money-Saving Summer Trips

Top Money-Saving Summer Trips

There's no shortage of tricks to save money on airfare.

Book flights on Tuesdays. Plan 21 weeks ahead. Check multiple airline consolidators.

But the newest strategy to lower the price of your summer travel this year is the easiest yet: Travel within the United States.


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After years of price increases, fares to larger U.S. airports are now falling. The Wall Street Journal reports that thanks to more Americans traveling internationally this summer, domestic fares to popular destinations—New York City, Denver, Honolulu, Washington, D.C., and Tampa, Fla.—are going for less than they have in the past.

And there's more good news: While it's usually a cost-saver to book international flights months in advance, the window for domestic flights is more like one month.

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While many people are traveling abroad, it still all comes down to cost. A survey by travel site Orbitz found that three-quarters of travelers plan to keep their summer travel under $2,500.  And if gas prices exceed $4 a gallon—and airfares increase accordingly—they're likely to change their plans.

But, the Journal cautions, if you want to travel to a big U.S. city this summer, now is the time to get your tickets, before everyone else rushes the ticket counter.


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