Student Loan Debt Thwarts Grads’ Goals

money stressWhat if one decision you made changed almost every other financial decision you made in the future—including whether you got married?

According to a new survey from the American Institute of CPAs, the decision to take out student loans can do just that. The survey found that three-quarters of student loan borrowers make sacrifices in order to keep up with their payments.

What kind of sacrifices, you ask?

Well, 41% said they delayed retirement savings, 40% haven't purchased cars, and 29% put the kibosh on buying a home. If that's not enough, 15% also admitted to delaying marriage because of their student loan debt.

With all of that info, it comes as no shock that some 60% also admitted to feeling regret about taking on those loans in the first place.

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Check out this infographic from the American Institute of CPAs:

student loan debt regret infographic

  • Sara Weal

    Not surprising…

    I think these loans will hold back the economy for years to come.

    I don’t plan on having children, but I have certainly delayed saving for retirement and the such.

  • Christina

    I agree with this article. The amount I pay monthly toward -private- student loans are about the same (or more, before I requested a temporary payment reduction) as a standard mortgage payment. It’s not that I don’t want to pay my student loans back, I just need a more reasonable payment plan that doesn’t ask me for 40% of my salary and barely makes a dent in the balance.

  • nkdeck07

    How is lived with roommates instead of living alone a bad thing? My student loans are completely under control but I live with roommates to be able to save more for retirement, travel etc. My boyfriend does the same thing despite having his loans paid off years ago. This isn’t that big a deal, it’s just financial sense.