eHarmony Dabbles in Matchmaking ... at Work

eHarmony Dabbles in Matchmaking ... at Work

You've heard of eHarmony, right?

It bills itself as the "#1 trusted online dating site for singles," with over 20 million registered users. eHarmony has clearly been successful in the dating space, so what's next?



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The site has announced that it's developing a program to facilitate matching workers and employers. It shouldn't be ready until late 2014, but The Washington Post reports that eHarmony intends to approach the hiring process from a more emotional, insightful angle than the existing options, such as LinkedIn or CareerBuilder.

The site facilitates romantic relationships based on a process called "29 dimensions," which evaluates and matches users based on their answers to questions that cover each dimension. Grant Langston, eHarmony’s vice president of customer experience, tells the Post that eHarmony’s advantage may come from their expertise in "eliciting more honest answers to tough questions."

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Langston tells the Post that he wouldn't be surprised if the employer/employee matchmaking process takes more than the 29 dimensions used for romantic matches. He says that the nuance of the product will lie in distinguishing between different cultures within larger companies, so as to better match employees to their individual department or team.


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