Can Women Save the Economy?

Can Women Save the Economy?

Women in power.

It's a topic that's been in the news a lot lately. Women who are already in powerful positions have written books on the subject. The question of whether or not women can "have it all" has been debated ad nauseam. And study after study has tested various aspects of what it would mean to have more women in powerful positions.


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In fact, a recent paper on the topic, "Empowering the Third Billion: Women and the World of Work in 2012" discovered something kind of amazing. According to the paper, if the United States had the same female employment rates that it does for males, our overall gross domestic product would increase by 5%.

Not too shabby.

As if that's not enough, new CareerBuilder research found that women are more willing than men to learn skills outside of what's needed in their current jobs, making them good candidates for a multitude of different positions.

So, could hiring more women be the answer to our problematic economy? It certainly couldn't hurt to try it out and see.


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