Be Career Fearless: 7 Tips From Intrepid Entrepreneurs


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    • James Bradley

      Great article, #Colleen Oakley. The examples speak to over-coming the real “show-stopper” — fear. For many people, not all certainly not all, fear of loss is [sometimes] a greater motivator than the potential of gain. Asking for help – fear of inadequacy (perhaps). Fear to show passion – others won’t take me seriously…. and on. I meet many individuals who want to try the entrepreneurial space. It is not a lack of time, not a viable product of service, not even money (start-up). Fear sometimes (not prudence) is the holdup. I like the Eleanor Roosevelt quote to her husband when he was afraid to lose if he ran for President: “Then don’t”. “What?!? Don’t try?” (FDR). “No – don’t fail”. (Lady Eleanor).

      I mentor in the military and civilian community. Hit me on Linked In. Let’s talk, you-all.