9 Ways to Host a Kid-Friendly Spa Day


spa day for kidsEvery mom loves her time at the spa … and every mom knows it’s harder to get there once you have kids.

So why not re-create the experience at home?

Granted, you may not experience the same calm you’d get in a eucalyptus-scented massage room with the help of your gifted, professional therapist, but you can have a ton of fun creating a little R&R at home, and—bonus—it may even bliss out your kids.

Better yet: This spa day can be re-created with tips that cost as little as $2—instead of an afternoon that will set you back $200. Which is a whole different reason to say … ahhhhh.

Time to get the little ones busy peeling cucumbers! Read on for our tips …

For example:

spa day kitchen tools1. Make Your Own “Spa” Shower

With a little imagination, many of the things you already have at home can be converted into spa gear. For instance, a spaghetti strainer has an obvious purpose in the kitchen, but move it to the bathtub, fill it with water and enjoy the “rain” from your fancy new showerhead. In a preschool, this would be a water table for sensory experience, but at home it’s just fun. Let the kids use strainers, ladles, straws, sponges and any other implements that are safe and water-resistant to splash around to their hearts’ delight.

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2. Set the Mood

You’ll be amazed at how you can improvise a spa in your everyday bathroom. Light a scented candle (safely out of reach, of course) and create a lotion “bar” for kids to use in their hand and foot massages. Even a squirt of mom’s perfume can be an exciting substitute for true aromatherapy. Dim the lights, cue up some classical music (you can use a classical station through the free Pandora or Spotify apps—Bach is a good starting point) and let the spa experience begin.

3. Give Them a “Mud” Treatment

spa day mud bathA mud bath might be a little extreme in your own bathroom, but what about a pudding bath? Chocolate pudding in the tub makes a fun finger paint for kids who still put everything in their mouths. Tell them they’re going to get a mud treatment, and let ‘em paint their way to happiness.

  • Tina Schall

    I was hoping “kids” meant tween or teen day spa. This isn’t really a “spa” it’s a fun bathtime article.

    • Jennifer Perkins

      Hi Tina, your right most of these are for the younger kid set. My kids are 2 & 4. However, Tweens would love petal infused foot paths, fancy looking smoothies, pedicures and crafting eye masks too. I always try to look at crafts I see and think how I could tweak it to be more age appropriate. Given there is not a way to make a strainer in the tub fun for a 13 year old, but some of the other ideas could probably be tweaked for some tween fun.

    • Dotty Parker

      Hi Tina, Pinterest has a lot of boards that have tween and teen spa idea’s. I have a board that is just for spa party idea’s. I hope this helps. Also check out the masquerade board for a pass the bottle (nail polish) game. You can make up your own words to suit the party. We are going to do Happy Birthday.

      • Tina Schall

        I love Pinterest. Maybe I’ll do that for a fun “Girls’ Night In!”

  • Kleewolf

    I am sorry but this article is just plain silly. Not practical at all. Pudding? Kitchen utensils in the bathtub?

  • Andrea

    Why are the kids getting the spa treatment? What happened to moms needing some time off? Kids get catered to 24/7, they don’t need a “spa day”!

  • Anthony Folkner

    Good job Jennifer! I may be a dad but having a fun day with my kids is one of the most relaxing things I can do. It could easily be tweaked and I am sure that someone will appreciate it. Negative comments shouldn’t be left.

  • gea2006

    I would have really preferred 2$ spa ideas for me and all the other adult women reading this article. Perhaps we can consider this topic for a future article.