9 Summer Canning Recipes Made Simple

canning recipesCanning may sound like a time-intensive activity reserved for Midwestern food bloggers, your friend's cousin's grandmother and the mom from "Little House on the Prairie."

But it's actually a simple concept with a simple execution: You store food in jars and then let them sit. Once the preserves hit peak deliciousness, you eat them. (Note: If you're planning to keep your creations through the winter, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure your food is safe.) Gathering the ingredients is also easy: You can take advantage of your farmer's market spread—or use what's growing in your own garden.

Canning comes with several great perks: It stocks our pantries, spares our wallets and makes us feel all kinds of capable and self-sufficient. Now that summer is rolling in and we're full of can-do energy (no pun intended), we're ready to tackle some expert-created, deceptively easy treats.

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