7 Money Links We Love: Would You Invest in Sin Stocks?

7 Money Links We Love: Would You Invest in Sin Stocks?

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Put your car on a weight-loss plan—and five other ways to cut back on auto costs this summer. Fill 'Er Up with Weird: Surprising Gas Saving Tips - DailyFinance

Even though many Americans are desperate for work, 39% of employers can't seem to place people in these positions. 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill in 2013 - Forbes

When it comes to a potential partner's debt, where do you draw the line? Financial Matrimony: How Much Debt Are You Willing to Accept? - YourTango

Just like large corporations, universities borrow money—and just like some companies, not all of these schools manage their finances responsibly. 10 Colleges with the Worst Credit Ratings - Smart Asset

One writer shares how becoming financially independent as a young teen boosted her confidence. I Moved Out of My Parents' House at 14, and This Is What I've Learned From It - xoJane

This burgeoning social media site may be behind an uptick in consumers going it alone when it comes to home improvement projects. Why More People Are Performing D.I.Y. Home Renovations - MainStreet

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They may not be considered "career-builders," but temporary gigs can still teach volumes about work and life. 5 Lessons I Learned From Part-Time Jobs

Take a peek inside the minds of human resources pros. HR Experts Confess: 8 Biggest Interview Mistakes We See

Confessions of the credit score obsessed. The Quest for the Perfect Credit Score


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