7 Money Links We Love: America's Secret Millionaires

7 Money Links We Love: America's Secret Millionaires

We’ve scoured the web and brought you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

A woman from a well-off household shares how she learned the difficult lesson that money is earned—not given. Growing Up With Money Doesn’t Make You Good With Money - The Billfold

Can putting things off by surfing TMZ (or watching cat videos) actually boost creativity and productivity? The Science Behind Why We Procrastinate - Lifehacker

One writer identifies—and counters—some common fears that people have about using the web to put their money into stocks. The Top 5 Reasons Americans Don't Invest Online - DailyFinance

The queen of crafts and home design weighs in on how she reclaimed her empire. Martha Stewart on How to Make a Career Comeback - Levo League

Higher education costs start piling up months before your kid even steps foot on campus. The One College Expense You Forgot to Factor In - The Fiscal Times

They may shun modern conveniences, but millionaires are surprisingly common in this echelon of society. 13 Money Secrets From The Amish - Business Insider

"I may be wrong, but ..." and other expressions that you should avoid saying on the job. 6 Career-Killing Phrases to Quit Using Now - The Fiscal Times

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This writer abandoned a great paycheck at a steady gig to forge her own path. Why I Gave Up Job Security to Go Freelance

Ending things with your honey can break your heart ... but save your wallet. Why Breaking Up Was Good for My Finances: 5 True Tales

Quiz yourself on the finer points of this crucial insurance policy. The Facts and Myths of Life Insurance

The workation: This couple takes their jobs on the road with them—to Chile, China, Belgium and beyond. How to Travel the World ... While Working

Why footing the bill for a stranger's coffee could benefit both of you. Paying It Forward: The Power of Financial Good Deeds

LearnVest founder Alexa von Tobel weighs in on how she and her new husband handle their finances. Love & Money: 5 Tips for Couples Tackling "The Talk"


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