6 Co-Workers Who Could Sabotage Your Career

bad coworkersIn a sitcom like "The Office," it’s funny when a boss is as self-delusional as Michael Scott or a cubicle mate is zany, like Dwight Schrute. In the real world, however, dealing with problem people at work is often no laughing matter.

Let's face it: Emails, deadlines and piles of paperwork can certainly slow you down, but absolutely nothing stalls a workday like getting stuck in a logjam of office personalities (or politics).

Enter LearnVest's handy guide on how to handle six of the most common “difficult” colleagues—and keep them from wreaking havoc on your work life.

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  • Pat

    Good info, but could easily have been summarized in a one page article instead of having to keep paging and scrolling up and down to read this information. Very frustrating having to “work” to get to the information.

    • JenInBoston

      It’s the reader’s choice. Just click “List View” at top of page to see the 1-page version. =)

  • samantha8403

    I feel like articles like these are borrowing trouble. Please try to stick with some legitimate content. I’ve been disappointed with Learnvest lately.

    • Carrie

      Hi Samatha,

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve been disappointed with LearnVest lately. We try to give you a good mix of stories, ranging from great money-savings tips to more fun ones like this. Are there specific ideas you’d like to see us writing about? If so, please email me: carrie@learnvest.com. I’m all ears!


      Editor in Chief


    • skt

      Legitimate content? This fairly helpful information. I found this article very helpful. Like Carrie said, what kind of information would YOU like to see? Don’t just complain; bring a solution to the table!

  • jules

    Your career earns your paycheck. It’s a legitimate article! Great tips for a person just starting their career in the corporate world. Thank you. I actually would like to see more tips on earning a raise during the personal review process. I’m writing mine now and feel like I could use some tips!

  • ktjohn

    Way to reinforce sexist stereotypes. The Control Freak and Chit-Chatter are women and the Know-It-All and Procrastinator are male…