5 Decor Tricks to Save You $2,500

5 Decor Tricks to Save You $2,500

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When it comes to design budgets, the bedroom can sometimes get the short stick. Guests don’t see it a lot (and you’re usually asleep while you’re in there) so high-traffic rooms like the kitchen and living room tend to hog the décor funds. Meanwhile, you’re stuck sleeping in a bare-bones boudoir. Change that! For less than $400, you can transform your bedroom into a home-décor victory.

Here are five budget-friendly ideas that, when combined, can save you as much as $2,500!

Upholster Your Own Headboard

Cost: $150 (compared to $800)
Your savings: $650

This project is all you need to make a serious bedroom statement. An elaborate upholstered headboard becomes the focal point of the bedroom, and is really easy to make yourself (which will save you a ton of money). Grab some inexpensive fabric from the craft store and check out our step-by-step tutorial.

Fake a Huge Mirror

Cost: $90 (compared to $600)
Your savings: $510

Large wall mirrors make a room feel bigger and brighter, but they can be pretty pricey. Instead of forking over cash for one jumbo mirror, buy three standard floor-length mirrors (this one from Target is $30). Hang them sideways (so the long sides are horizontal) one over the other. This will create the same effect as one large mirror for a fraction of the price!

Update Old Furniture with White Paint

Cost: $50 (compared to $1,500)
Your savings: $1,000

A lot of great pieces of furniture are passed over at second-hand stores because the wood is in bad shape or it has been painted an ugly color. Scour the thrift shops with a fresh eye and look at the furniture’s shape, not its color or wood quality. Once you get it home, give the old dresser or armoire a fresh coat of white paint. It will make the piece look clean, fresh and – dare we say – angelic!

Make a Patterned Rug

Cost: $70 (compared to $200)
Your savings: $130

Decorative rugs tend to be a lot pricier than plain, white ones, but they’re much more hip! Make your own chevron or striped rug with some cardboard and a little paint. We like this $50 rug from IKEA as a project base. For details, check out our step-by-step tutorial for making a chevron rug.

Embrace Stencils

Cost: $35 (compared to $45/wallpaper roll)
Your savings: $325 (it takes 8 rolls to cover a medium-sized room)

If you love the look of fancy wallpaper but have a paint-can budget, use a stencil to create the same effect! Cutting Edge Stencils sells a variety of options from Damask designs to floral patterns for as low as $25. It takes more time to hand-stencil a wall than paint it one solid color, but the patterns pack a serious design punch. Tip: If you’re a stencil newbie, read the Cutting Edge Stencil tutorial before you break out the paint.

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