10 Worst Places to Retire

10 Worst Places to Retire

Once you’ve figured out what your retirement number is, there’s still one more question left standing between you and a life of blissful leisure—where exactly will you live? Do you see yourself living out the rest of your days in a sunny beach town … or is a quiet, tree-lined suburb more your style?


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Of course before you make any decisions, there’s a lot to consider. Luckily, Bankrate has helped by coming up with a list of the 10 worst states for retirement. To determine the states, they analyzed state taxes, local crime rates, cost of living and access to medical care, among other things.

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So where shouldn’t you think about hanging your hat once you're done with work? These 10 states should probably be left off your list …

10. Delaware

High cost of living and a high crime rate keep this state off limits for retirees.

9. Minnesota

Local taxes in Minnesota are the seventh highest in the country which, along with its cold weather, got it a ranking of ninth on the list.

7. Maryland and Vermont

Tied for No. 7, high costs of living and high state and local taxes kept both of these states on the list, while Maryland’s high crime rate and Vermont’s tough winter months didn’t help, either.

6. Maine

Unfriendly weather, cost of living and state and local taxes keep Maine on the list, despite its picturesque shorelines.

5. Wisconsin

An average annual temperature of 43.7 degrees, high local and state taxes and an above-average cost of living make Wisconsin a less-than-stellar retirement option.

4. California

With one of the highest costs of living in the country, even California’s amazing weather, vineyards and beaches couldn’t keep it from making an appearance on the list.

3. Washington

Cost of living, high crime and a 30-year average annual temperature of 48.7 degrees might make you think twice about retiring here.

2. Alaska

With the second highest cost of living in the country and the coldest temps (the average annual is 35.9 degrees…brrrr!), Alaska is not so retirement-friendly.

1. Oregon

Poor Oregon—it’s the trifecta of bad news for retirees: High crime, high state and local taxes, and high cost of living all help put this state at the top of the list of places that retirees should shy away from.


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