Monthly Archives: May 2013

The Recession Effect on Gen X

A new report finds that adults in this demo lost a shocking amount of wealth during the downturn. More

6 Skills I Wish I Could Put on My Resume

That section for “skills and expertise” is looking a little sparse. More

5 Ways to Protect Your Credit on Vacation

Planning a trip? To keep your credit card safe while you’re on the move, read this. More

9 Summer Canning Recipes Made Simple

With our summer can-do energy (no pun intended), we’ll tackle some of these expert-created, deceptively easy treats. More

The Winner of LearnVest’s May Family Money Challenge!

This month, we asked you about the greatest money lessons you’ve learned from your family—and what you plan to pass on. More

Confessions of an Over-Saver: Why I Hate Spending Money

I like saving. A lot. Maybe a little too much. I hate to spend, and this is what it’s like to be me. More

Flying Solo: Summer Travel Tips for Singles

Independent travel is on the rise—but so are the costs. Here’s how to mind your budget next time you set out alone. More

How a Round Number Could Tank Your Raise

A new study finds that we aren’t just asking for a salary bump in the wrong way—we’re asking for the incorrect amount. More

7 Money Links We Love: Would You Invest in Sin Stocks?

The hardest jobs to fill in 2013, offbeat gas-saving tips and more in this week’s roundup. More

Do Women’s Mentors Affect Their Earning?

Mentorship is a good thing … but is it contributing to the gender gap? More