The $12K Baby

The $12K Baby

Spending on a baby can strain a budget.

Children are priceless, but parenting expenses are staggering. In 2011, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated that the cost of raising a child from birth to age 17 was about $234,900. CreditDonkey found that 74% of moms plan to cut back on the family budget to buy items for the baby and 37% feel guilty when they can't afford a baby item they want.


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How can we keep these numbers straight? In an infographic, of course. Below, CreditDonkey illustrates not only the costs of raising a child (looks like $12,370 for that first year alone!), but also how parents intend to finance their children's upbringing,  the number of moms who are are working and how they intend to share their insights with other parents and parents-to-be.

Infographic: New Moms
Courtesy of: CreditDonkey


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