Planning to Part With Your Wedding Dress?

Planning to Part With Your Wedding Dress?

A website dedicated to preowned wedding dresses has launched a new tool, the Wedding Dress Value Calculator, which helps a former bride determine her gown's current worth based on label, collection year, when it was purchased and how much she paid for it.

While I’m not ready to sell off my own wedding dress to highest bidder quite yet (I just got married in December, can’t I at least keep it for a little while longer?), there might come a day when I’ll be happy to take the cash in lieu of a dress I’ll never wear again.


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Lucky for me, website founder Josie Daga has solved the problem of determining how much my dress might be worth, should the day ever come that I do want to sell it. That’s because Daga’s site,, has launched a new feature called the Wedding Dress Value Calculator, which would help me, or any prospective dress seller, determine a good estimate for the gown’s worth.

"We always get questions from brides asking, 'What's my dress worth?' " says Daga. "They'll tell us the designer and the original price, and then ask about the current value. But the reality is that much more goes into determining what a preowned gown is worth. We just launched the calculator two weeks ago, and it has quickly become a very popular page on our site."

To use the calculator, you input a few pieces of information about your dress—the designer, the date you purchased it, how much you paid, the condition of the dress and whether or not the dress has been cleaned—and the tool calculates an estimated current value for it.

"Not only does the Dress Value Calculator provide a resale value," explains Daga, "but it also shows examples of the same or similar gowns currently for sale--or already sold--on our site."

When I'm ready to part with my dress, I'll know exactly where to go!


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