Need a New Gig?

Need a New Gig?

Ah, the perfect job. It probably doesn't exist, right?

While these jobs may not exactly be the perfect jobs, U.S. News & World Report has come up with what they're calling the "best" jobs of 2013.


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So what makes a job "the best"? According to U.S. News, the jobs that made their list "offer a mosaic of employment opportunity, good salary, manageable work-life balance and job security."

Take a look at the the top 10 jobs here, and head on over to the original report for the full list of 100.

Job Overall Score Median Salary
1. Dentist 8.4 $142,740
2. Registered Nurse 8.2 $65,690
3. Pharmacist 8.2 $113,390
4. Computer Systems Analyst 8.2 $78,770
5. Physician 8.2 $183,170
6. Database Administrator 8.0 $75,190
7. Software Developer 7.9 $89,280
8. Physical Therapist 7.9 $78,270
9. Web Developer 7.8 $77,990
10. Dental Hygienist 7.7 $69,280


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