Money Links We Love: Could Equal Pay Day Benefit You?

Money Links We Love: Could Equal Pay Day Benefit You?

In honor of Equal Pay Day, we've scoured the web to find the best and most informative stories about the wage gap—so you can get the compensation you deserve.

Last year, women made even less than men did in the same jobs over the previous year, but this writer managed to find a silver lining. The Gender Pay Gap Got Worse, Not Better, In 2012—And It's Great For Women - Forbes

Check out the occupations that are the worst offenders—and the most egalitarian. The Jobs With The Biggest (and Smallest) Gender Pay Gaps - The Jane Dough

One of the first female bank executives discusses the progress we've made since she was paid $6,500 a year at her first job—compared to a man's salary of $11,000—because she was a "girl." The Gender Pay Gap: How Far Have We Come? - The Daily Muse

Trying to boost your pay? Keep an eye out for these negotiation pitfalls. 8 Things Not to Do When You're Asking For a Raise - POPSUGAR Smart Living

LearnVest Stories You Shouldn’t Miss

Get the scoop on the basics of negotiating your salary using our guide. Negotiating 101.

Take a page from Sheryl Sandberg's book and own your accomplishments. 9 Ways You’re Being Too Nice at Work

When you're gunning for a new position—and a higher salary—your body language can speak volumes. 7 Ways to Get Promoted Without Saying a Word

If you feel stuck when it comes to your salary, one of these stumbling blocks may be the culprit. The 10 Reasons You’re Not Getting a Raise

He knows that he makes more than his female counterpart ... and he feels guilty. A Guy Confides: I Get Paid More Than My Female Co-Worker 


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