Could Twitter Trump Your Résumé?

Could Twitter Trump Your Résumé?

What constitutes the perfect résumé? Well, it really depends on whom you ask.

Some people swear by sticking to one page and the right-sized margins, while others advocate including your hobbies and interests.

What no one suggests: limiting your résumé to 140 characters or less—but your Twitter activity could make the difference when it comes to scoring your next gig.


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The Next Online Hiring Frontier: Twitter

The Wall Street Journal reports that some recruiters are steering clear of traditional job sites to post open positions and solicit candidates through Twitter.

For example, a network-infrastructure firm based in Boston recently asked candidates to express their interest in a social media marketing position via Twitter using hashtag #socialCV.

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The maneuver by hiring managers is likely a smart move: With over 200 million monthly active users, the site provides unusual direct access to hiring managers and applicants alike.

But, given that it's a relatively new platform, the rules are still unclear. Are recruiters obligated to answer tweets? Must job-seekers tweet only about career-related things or can they also use the same account for personal messages?

Truth be told, there are no actual rules—one woman's six-second video résumé tweet got her a job as a project manager at a major media company, while countless others tweet in search of a job without the same results.

If you're going to use Twitter to look for a new position, just make sure that it's not your sole method. When job hunting, social media is best used in conjunction with networking and paper résumé ... with well-spaced margins.


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