7 Money Links We Love: Would You Charge Your Kid Interest?

7 Money Links We Love: Would You Charge Your Kid Interest?

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Each of these chief executives pockets a paycheck that's bigger than the corporation's tax bill. Companies That Pay CEOs More Than Uncle Sam - Forbes

You finally get a call back ... but it's for a job that you applied for purely out of desperation. Now what? Why You Should Go To That Interview (Even If You Don’t Want To) - The Daily Muse

What exactly is the loan policy at the Bank of Mom and Dad? Interest-ing: Is It Okay for Parents to Charge Interest on a Loan to Their Children? - Fab and Fru

Studies prove that old-school banking practices—like befriending your local teller, and throwing spare change in a jar—can benefit your finances. Old-Fashioned Saving Tricks That Still Work - DailyFinance

One writer reflects on how dog-sitting—and the forced work breaks and exercise that came along with it—boosted his output. How Caring For a Dog Made Me More Productive Than Ever - LIfehacker

Are pine nuts too pricey for your pesto? 20 Recipe Substitutions That Save Money and Prevent Food Waste - WiseBread

This week, one LearnVester wrote about the big shock that came with the first heating bill for her 80-year-old home. Are you up for the challenges that can accompany maintaining that beautiful colonial? Historic Homes: Is ‘Owning Old’ Right for You? - Zillow

LearnVest Stories You Shouldn’t Miss

Got a check from Uncle Sam? Don't blow it all on a weekend getaway, but don't put the whole thing into your savings account, either. What to Do With Your Tax Refund

One of our most buzzed-about stories this week! 4 People, 1 Salary: How I Save and Splurge on $60,000

Nervous that the market still isn't strong enough for you to get a good price for your home? Read on. Should I Stay or Should I Go? Expert Tips on Home Selling

This LearnVester applied the persistence that it takes to be a dedicated runner to her finances ... and came out on top. I Paid Off $15,000 of Debt ... Training for a Marathon

When it comes to socking away for your golden years, letting your cash appreciate is the key. The Secret of Retirement Savings: You Can't Make Up for Lost Time


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