6 Ways to Save Money—by Going Green

save money by going greenIt’s Earth Day, which means that you should be thinking about ways you can be more eco-conscious by reducing your carbon and water footprints. In fact, green isn’t just a buzzword these days—it’s a way of life.

Yet a recent Harris Interactive poll found that, since 2009, fewer Americans have been taking environmentally friendly actions. Translation: While more of us say that we're on board with saving the planet, fewer of us are willing to walk the walk by doing even little things—like limiting our home water use, recycling electronics or switching from bottled to tap water.

But perhaps more Americans would be inclined to go the earth-conscious route if they knew how much money they could save in the process. Greening up your home (and your lifestyle) should be part and parcel of your personal finance plan—and here are six money-saving ideas to get you started.

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