6 Times We Tend to Overspend (and How to Stop)

It's 9 p.m.—do you know where your wallet is?

If you're like many women, it may be right there next to you on the couch as you idly peruse spring dresses and pastel pumps.

Or at least that's what Gilt.com has found: The members-only retail site recently added 9 p.m. flash sales on Wednesdays and Sundays to cater to our apparently growing penchant for mid-evening impulse buys.

As my friend put it over dinner the other night: "It's the new post-happy hour. My weak point is 9 or 10 p.m. I get home, kick my shoes off and online shop. It's not like I need anything, it's just a way to detox from work." 

In other words, after a tiring day, she feels like she deserves it. My friend has fallen prey to what consumer behavior experts call a "spending trigger"—an emotional state that makes us more vulnerable to parting with our money.

And as Gilt knows, she's definitely not the only one.

The good news? If you know your triggers, there are ways to avoid financial regrets. Read up on five other states in which we all tend to overspend—and what you can do about it.

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  • Jeannette de Beauvoir

    So true! I think that as we get tired, our inhibitions tend to precede us to bed! I usually work until well into the evening (I work from home for my company, http://www.customline.com, which makes working late far too easy) and then, later on, I take time to “reward” myself … by browsing—*and* buying. (I won’t mention the levels of chocolate I can consume with those inhibitions safely tucked away…) Clever retailers who’ve caught hold of that trend. Now, if someone sent an offer of dark chocolate to my inbox at 10 pm …. yikes!

  • Enrique

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  • April

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