Your First Line of Defense Against Fraud

Your First Line of Defense Against Fraud

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The scam awareness and prevention website, run by the National Consumers League, now makes it easier for you to avoid fraudsters altogether., which just underwent a redesign, collects thousands of consumer-submitted complaints about internet and telemarketing scams each month and reports them to law enforcement. It also offers a searchable database of confirmed scams and information on how to protect yourself against them. Additionally, you can sign up for weekly email fraud alerts, so you can learn of recently identified cons before you or someone you love becomes a victim.


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As we previously reported, fraud is a growing problem—made even easier by modern technology.

According to research by the Financial Fraud Research Center, the annual cost of fraud against consumers is about $50 billion. To put that figure in perspective, it's about the same as gross output of the radio and television broadcasting industry per year.

In order to catch fraud, make sure to monitor your credit report (and your credit score) and investigate any perceived errors.


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