Spring Clean Your Finances: 8 Reader Tricks to Curb Spending

tips to stop spending You know that feeling when you realize that your cash appears to be slipping away? Chances are that you probably aren't sleep-shopping online, but it can sometimes seem that way.

According to a nationwide survey conducted by LearnVest and Chase Blueprint®, less than half of respondents knew how much money they had at their disposal to spend each month—and only 38% had a monthly budget.

The thing about spending is that the act itself isn't a bad thing—it's spending unknowingly or indiscriminately that's the problem.

Since now is the perfect time to kick off financial spring cleaning, we reached out to LearnVesters across the country to see how they keep from overspending.

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Chase Blueprint

  • Artistichic

    Wow. This is a really good slideshow with great advice. I too have a spending problem – I hate to admit that but it’s the truth. These are overall great tips to curb my impulse spending habits. I love the bit on leaving your wallet behind and renaming the nickname on your accounts. Good Stuff

  • mfrench

    I feel like I can’t go a day with out buying something…usaully food or a “need” for one of my kids…my experiment is going to be to write a list, adding each day what I would “run out for” and on Friday night, go over the list, see what we can handle with one shopping trip on Saturday…and pass on what we can to another week…hoping to slow down the bleed. (Also planning to go with out my “check card” and use cash.)

  • Richelle Thomas

    I know I have a spending problem. I already use the tactic of waiting weeks to decide if I really want to make that particular purchase. I think renaming my accounts will help a lot! I’m excited to take even better control of my spending. Great article as usual.

  • Liese

    My mother taught me that cost per hour system. I now tell my sons about it. They can understand the concept and how the instant money they make curbs their decision making.

  • Cool. I also give my bank accounts nicknames like “security fund” and “fun fund.”

  • sjdemo

    i filtered my email to send all messages from groupon, living social, ….on the cheap, etc. to skip the inbox and go to a “daily deals” folder. i sort through my email faster because i focus on the important things instead of the fluff, and i check the deal folder in my spare time, which sometimes is only twice a week. sure i miss some good deals, but if i really needed it i would have been actively looking for it instead of waiting for it to come to me. my groupon spending has gone way down with this method. i also “unlike” or “hide” store facebook pages so i don’t see the sale ads. again, if i really needed it i would have been hunting for the best deal already.

  • Unroll.me can help manage your email subscriptions, including any that come in from retailers: http://unroll.me/