New Flight Pricing Could Take Off

New Flight Pricing Could Take Off

Do you think your travel habits should determine how much you pay for a flight?

Some airlines do.

In fact, sources are reporting that most of the world's big airlines have already OK'd a new pricing system that would allow passengers to be offered different prices for flights depending on factors such as how often they fly, where they live and the kind of trips they're taking (like whether it's for business or pleasure).


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In the end that means that even if you purchased your airline ticket from the same outgoing destination as the person sitting next to you, at the same time as the person sitting next to you, you could be paying two totally different prices.

Business travelers stand to fare poorly in this arrangement, the argument being that they have to make those weekly trips to Tampa, and therefore would be willing to pay more to get there.

Time reported that the consumer advocacy group Business Travel Coalition released a statement that the new pricing system would, "negatively and significantly impact airline competition and would drive up airline prices for consumers." They and other groups are calling on regulators to block the pricing model, which could be tested as early as this year.

The new system raises privacy concerns as well, as frequency of travel is one of the factors airlines would be using to determine ticket pricing.


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