Looking for a Job? Check Out These Cities

Looking for a Job? Check Out These Cities

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It's not you, it's the city. If you're struggling on the job-search front, perhaps it's time to go look at greener pastures — in cities with better job prospects.

Of course, moving for a job has its pitfalls; you're taking a big risk if you don't have a job lined up in the city before you move. But maybe the smarter strategy to take is to start looking for jobs in the cities with good job growth, if you haven't been already.

Ready to get started on job hunting in a new area? Lucky for you, Forbes compiled a list of top cities for good jobs from analyzing data like job growth and unemployment rate in 100 metropolitan cities. Here are the winners:

  1. Dallas, TX: The five-year job growth rate is 2.8 percent. It added thousands of jobs last year and continues to add jobs to the financial services, energy, and health care sectors.
  2. Houston, TX: The five-year job growth rate is 2.6 percent, and Houston continues to grow as America's energy capital.
  3. Austin, TX: The five-year job growth rate is 3.2 percent, and jobs are expected to be added in the tech industry, government, education, and construction.
  4. Fort Worth, TX: The five-year job growth rate is 2.6 percent. There are a lot of job prospects with defense contractors and energy companies.
  5. Seattle, WA: The five-year job growth rate is 1.9 percent. Tech wages are expected to grow as well as the education industry. Boeing continues to be a strong employer.

Check out the rest of the list on POPSUGAR Smart Living.

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