Even Celebrities Need Financial Planning

Even Celebrities Need Financial Planning

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Lest you think that Kim Kardashian’s life is entirely made up of brand endorsements and practicing her vocal fry in the mirror, on last night’s Kourtney and Kim Take Miami Kim had to learn an important lesson about overspending. Or, since this is her show we’re talking about, she “learned” an “important lesson.”

It all started when Kim’s best friend, the Puck-ish Jonathan Cheban, showed her a post from a website decrying her style, with a headline that suggested Kanye might be to blame. Kim was aghast, both at being on the worst dressed list and at the implication that her boyfriend has the time to dress her every day — after all, it’s the days that he does that everyone likes what she’s wearing.

In response, she went on a massive shopping spree, with a mirthless Cheban and Kourtney in tow. It’s unclear how she thought she’d be able to find better clothes this way, since apparently her taste is the problem, but she shops nonetheless, in brick and mortar stores and online, despite Kourtney inflicting such cruelties as emptying her online shopping cart and giving her grief for buying a $7,000 dress.

Meanwhile, Kim has also been “desperately” looking for a new house in Los Angeles, and gets a very stern call from her financial planner, who tells her that her frivolous spending is getting in the way of buying the biggest house in the land. For the second time in a single episode, Kim is aghast at having to make the choice between new clothes and a home with a 5,000 square foot guest house. Finally, a conversation with Kanye in which he supportively tells her that she doesn’t have to buy new clothes to impress him convinces her to cool it with the shopping.

It was a nail-biter for sure, but kind of nice to know that even the Kardashians have to be mindful of their spending.

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