Employees Now Say Work-Life Balance Trumps High Salaries

Employees Now Say Work-Life Balance Trumps High Salaries

On the heels of the announcement that Yahoo is yanking the ability to regularly work from home away from employees, a new survey reveals that work flexibility is more important than ever.

A study released by Accenture revealed that over half of both men and women (not just moms) think that work-life balance is the key determiner of whether they have a successful career. It's more important than recognition, autonomy and, yes, money.


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Work-life balance is so important, The Huffington Post reports, that more than half of the employees surveyed have turned down a job that threatened to derail it. But they still feel positive. More than two-thirds feel that they can "have it all"—both a successful career and a full life outside of work.

Even more cite technology as the way to make it happen. Three-quarters of those surveyed think technology enables them to have a more flexible schedule—a key component, 80% say, to achieving good work-life balance.

"Companies that can help their employees navigate both their professional and personal lives are likely to see strong employee engagement and enjoy an advantage as they recruit and retain high performers," said Nellie Borrero, managing director of global inclusion and diversity for Accenture.

If you're not sure what is most important to you in a job (money? short commute?), make sure to take our quiz to determine your priorities.


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