Do These Jobs Overpay?

Cheryl Lock

jobs that overpayImagine this scenario. You’re sitting around with a bunch of friends, swapping stories after a long day of work. Suddenly one friend sighs. “You know, I just make too much money at my job.”

Haven’t heard that recently? We haven’t either. But maybe that’s because we don’t have friends working in what U.S. News & World Report is calling ”The 10 Most Overpaid Jobs.”

To come up with their list, the news organization analyzed data from PayScale to find jobs with high pay and, allegedly, relatively easy work.

As the site concludes: “This is admittedly an inexact science with subjective criteria. ‘Overpaid’ means different things to different people, and many workers represented on our list have perfectly legitimate jobs requiring skill, talent and training.”

Still, it can be fun to gawk every now and then, right? So without further ado, here are the 10 most overpaid jobs, according to the findings:

Job Median Mid-Career Salary
Consulting software engineer $123,000
Brand strategist $90,700
Interaction designer $116,000
Marketing research director $122,000
Accounting consultant $81,700
Portfolio analyst $81,800
Wholesaler, financial services $109,000
Patent attorney $170,000
Investment consultant $111,000
Data scientist, IT $133,000

For more on the job responsibilities that accompany these titles, check out the full list over on U.S. News & World Report.

  • Mariana

    I find it funny that the table isn’t organized by salary in descending order.

  • Elle

    In my opinion, this list is very strange… most of these jobs are high value added jobs, even if the actual ‘work’ is not necessarily challenging all the time. You still have to be talented to really do them right, and to be honest most people will NOT have the knowledge necessary to perform these jobs successfully. Sure, if you’re bad at the job you’re overpaid, but that can be said of any job. You should include a description of the job duties as well. I’m surprised some of these jobs don’t pay more.

  • Nana

    I am an interaction designer and I know of people who earn that kind of money in my field, still I don’t believe it is an easy job at all, I am pretty sure they pay the price for it. Still, you need to be really good to achieve those salaries which sometimes implies having a degree or at leas some good 10 years of experience at least so your skillset can count for 3 or 2 employees at least. So, if you look to positions with this salary they required you to be interaction designer with front end development skills and managerial experience. Is that easy for you?

  • Nina

    I really can’t believe LearnVest reposted this poorly written, poorly researched article! The salaries aren’t even adjusted for the geographic area. Also, just because someone reports lower levels of stress doesn’t mean the job is not stressful. It’s highly likely that many people choose certain fields that are stressful and are better able to handle the stress, whereas people who are less able to handle stress choose positions that are easier, but still find them stressful.

    The article also didn’t take into account how much skill, training or education was required to get into the field. Most of the jobs on the list are very high skill positions. I’d really like to know how someone with a doctorate in math or something similar-a requirement for Data Scientist-is overpaid at $133k.

    Anyway, this article is completely asinine. These types of slips in judgement all over this site are exactly why I chose not to use LearnVest for financial consulting when I chose a financial adviser.

  • YJ

    This article does not do justice to the demands of the profession they call overpaid. I work as an interaction designer (newbie, 2 yrs of experience) without front end experience and I make a little more than half of what it is mentioned here. I have to know how to code before I can dream of hitting those numbers given above.

    Also a patent attorney isnt like a regular lawyer. A patent attorney is one who has his or her undergraduate degree in a STEM field. Today the most likely patent attorneys to make that much are graduates of top electrical/computer engineering programs who then went on to top tier law schools.

    Data scientist was called the sexiest job by HBR recently and that job requires a deep understanding of computer science, databases, scripting and statistics. A handful of people possess all those skills.