Couponing on the Decline

Couponing on the Decline

If the latest findings are to be believed, it appears that Americans may be losing their love for coupons. According to NCH Marketing Services, 305 billion coupons were put into circulation in the U.S. last year, but only 2.9 billion were used.

The numbers reflect a 17% dip in use compared to the year before. When asked why they were using fewer coupons, the top answer given by consumers was that they couldn’t find coupons for the products they wanted to buy.


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In other words, while the number of coupons being offered remained steady, consumers felt that the number of coupons worth using were on the decline.

The consumers might be on to something. While groceries are always popular when it comes to coupon use, according to the NCH, the number of coupons for food decreased 6.5% last year, while coupons for items in non-food categories, like deodorants and cough remedies, were on the rise.

Adding insult to injury, the average face value of coupons dropped, as well, and more coupons required the purchase of two or more products to become eligible for the discount.


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