You'll Never Believe Who Just Got Hacked

You'll Never Believe Who Just Got Hacked

The latest of a series of cyber attacks targeted Chase bank, with most regular customers unable to access their bank accounts via the internet on Tuesday.

The attack on Chase was a denial-of-service attack that inundated the site with requests so that legitimate customers couldn't access it. Chase said that no customer data was compromised.


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Ironically, the attacks came just one hour after National Security Agency director Gen. Keith Alexander outlined an ambitious expansion of the Pentagon's Cyber Command, which is itself a new department.

The same day, in a separate hearing, the director of national intelligence told Congress that cyberattacks are the top threat facing the country—even ahead of terrorism, which has topped the list since 2001 (except in 2009 when the financial crisis won out).

The Los Angeles Times reports that a group identifying itself as Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters has been behind several attacks on American banks since September. The group claims that the attacks are retaliation for an amateur YouTube video that was produced in the U.S. and mocks the prophet Muhammad.


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