Cash in on Spring Cleaning

Cash in on Spring Cleaning

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There’s something about this time of year—maybe it’s the oh-so-gradually climbing temperatures, maybe it’s the fact that we’re not donning quite so many layers—but one thing is for certain: We’re itching to do some spring cleaning.

And while we’re more than happy to help out...the world, and contribute to...humanity, we’d be lying if we said it wouldn't bum us out to see all those hard-earned dollars end up at Goodwill. But if we don't start cleaning up our act soon, we're pretty sure that recruiters from the showHoarders will be hounding us any day now.

So, we scoured the web to find all the best online sources for reselling our stuff, thereby turning our newly-cleaned closets into an equally tidy profit. Want in?

Keep reading for deets on how to easily make money off of your old electronics, DVDs, clothes, shoes, accessories, and more...


We’ve had our MacBook for going on 5 years now (Does it make loud noises when it’s “thinking”? Yes.), but eventually there comes a time when you’ve got to suck it up (“it” being your credit limit) and get a new computer. Help reduce the pain and stress caused by intense sticker-shock by trading in your old jalopy for some cool cash.


OK, remember the whole thing we said earlier about wanting to give back, yet also wanting to drum up some extra spending money? Consider I-ELLA the best of both worlds. Every time you sell an item, you can coddle your conscience with the knowledge that a percentage of the proceeds will support the Susan G Komen foundation, Keep A Child Alive, or H.E.L.P. Everybody wins!


With Tradesy, it’s all about getting the most profit for your goods. They estimate that sellers on their platform make as much as 15% over other online marketplaces, 50% more than consignment, and 20% more than online classifieds. Plus, the user interface is super-simple for both sellers and buyers, meaning your stuff is up, on the site, and potentially attracting customers in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Amazon Trade-In

Devotees to Amazon Prime will love this one. Using their trade-in program, which extends to books, video games, electronics, and DVDs (basically, anything with an easily accessible SKU or serial #), sellers earn credit on Amazon, which has everything you could ever need in life (more or less). Winning all around.

Shop Hers

If designer goods are your bag (ha), eBay is pretty much your worst nightmare to navigate. Sure, that grainy photo has some version of an authenticity certificate in frame, but you can see the “PRAVA” logo pretty damn clearly. Shop Hers, meanwhile, is the only online luxury goods resale marketplace that guarantees the authenticity of all the items therein. Which means, you can easily command top dollar for the Coach bag you thought was oh-so-cool in 7th grade, or the Chanel bag you love (but not as much as you love paying your rent).


Remember Facebook Marketplace? It was such a good idea! Until it didn’t work at all. Real social selling comes in the form of Copius. Sign in with Facebook or Twitter (no leniency there, lurkers), link up with all your friends, then start uploading your stuff. Don't have any friends who are already signed up? No problem. Answer a few questions about the kinds of things you’re after, and Copius’ genius algorithm will present you with hundreds of items you’ll probably be into... Even though you originally went to the site with the intention to unload things. Damn it all!


Think of Treadflip as the Polyvore of the resale fashion game. Each item is appropriately tagged, classified, and cross-referenced so as to be extra-searchable (and therefore findable by your potential customer). On top of that, its team of editors combs through the whole mess to create trend stories, top picks, and featured sellers. All of which means that your stuff (which we’re sure is fab), gets the extra boost of attention it'll need to close the deal. Just make sure your photos are up to par, because some of the ladies on this site mean serious biz-niz.


If all this photographing, uploading, cropping, description-writing, and so on seems unbearably tedious, Poshmark might be your answer. This iPhone app is all about making the process as easy as possible. Just snap a photo of your item from the app itself (extra points if the photo’s a selfie, because this community seems to dig that) and let this deal-hungry community do the rest. More advanced Poshmark-ers host themed “parties” (essentially just a time when a bunch of users log on together) to sell, buy, and chat together.


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