7 Ways That You’re Wasting Money … Every Day

ways you're wasting money every dayMaking the right money-saving choices on the big things tends to be easy. Let's face it: No matter how much you want that latest must-have phone, you're going to give some careful consideration to the idea of buying one that tops 500 bucks versus a cell phone that costs $100.

But it isn't just the money that gushes out of your wallet all at once that matters—you can lose just as much in a constant, slow drip. Although you may hardly notice when you spend a dollar more than you need here and there, if you do it every day, it can add up to a significant sum.

Here are some ways that you're probably wasting dollars every day—and some easy changes that you can make to plug those slow cash leaks.

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  • Katya

    I’ve started to only bring my own lunch and breakfast to work and make my own dinner, and I have saved a total of $200 in just two weeks.

    • Stephanie

      Katya, Aren’t you just amazed how much money we are wasting eating at work!? I know I have been in the last week I have spent 5 dollars on snacks/soda at work, and I can’t believe it! I could have just bought a 12 pack and a bag a chips and come out cheaper!

      • Katya

        Stephanie, I’ve started to pre-pack salads for the week. If I don’t want a salad, I bring leftovers. It saves me so much time and money! The vending machine may spit out a bag of chips for a dollar, but every dollar adds up!

  • You really shouldn’t be paying any ATM fee’s ever. Any good bank will reimburse you those fees, and if they aren’t, it’s time to find a better bank!

  • Lisa

    On the way out the door, my husband and I switch off the breakers in our apartment. It has definitely reduced our electricity bill. We leave on the one for the fridge but everything else gets shut off.

  • Mara

    I stopped the coffee breaks and eating out as soon as I started tracking my expenses and I never thought I could save so much!

  • aokimoonchild

    They now sell power strips that have plugs that automatically sense when the device is not in use and turn off the power feed; they sell them at Best Buy and they have sales on them from time to time. I bought one for the AV setup in my daughter’s bedroom.

  • Zoe T.

    With regard to ATMs, you can also get charged a fee (up to $1) for checking your balance as well.

  • PH

    I think there’s some faulty math with the tires thing- you say it’s 0.4% and then say it’s an extra gallon of gas for every 25 (4%)- a 10x difference

  • Deb Kelly

    I follow these the majority of the time; however, it is fun to go out with the co-workers once in awhile.

    • nkdeck07

      Kinda my problem with the coffee thing. It’s not so much that I am paying for the coffee, I am paying to get out of the office for a bit and take a walk with my co-workers.

  • Mariah Kendall

    Not all states carry the same grades of gas OCTANE is what to look at, example: in Utah regular $3.10gal (the cheap stuff) is 85 octane.
    Then in Washington and/or Oregon regular $3.10gal (the cheap stuff) is 87 octane.

    So my vehicle states 87 octane or more – if I get gas in Utah then i have to get 87 (plus) and it’s $3.21gal, but I can get the same octane (87) in other states (the cheap stuff) and its going to cost “the cheap stuff” @ 3.10gal.. ???
    and if I put multiple tanks of the Utah “cheap” 85 octane @ $3.10gal – my car looses approximately 50 miles per tank and the engine starts sounding ruff..

    just a little something I have picked up on..

  • Jordana

    Americans love to waste money… especially the poor! Teaching in a low income school district, I don’t have the fingers to count the number of students with smart phones who’s parents forgo feeding them a meal a day.

    I keep granola bars in my class to feed these kids who have a nicer phone than me. Out of my own budget…

    Most American’s priorities are all screwed.

    If it was invented within the last 40 years, you can in theory live without that expense if you really need to save more.

    Some people are just too dumb and will always be the “underclass” of society.

    Just a few items Americans feel are necessary for basic life but don’t exist in most middle strata countries:
    - Microwaves (use your stove…)
    - Dryers (ever heard of a clothes line? 85% of the world does this)
    - Smart Phones (cell phones are prevalent, not smart phones)
    - The same number of cars in the household as people (just walk, use public transit, or at least get lower insurance rates… I pay $25/month at Insurance Panda)
    - $50 + TV Packages… (my cable bill is $0, you can live…)
    - Dinning out multiple times a week

    Things you shouldn’t skimp on that people cut from their bills instead of the above:
    - Their Gym Membership (health is a huge success factor at work)
    - Their dentist bill (always bites you later)
    - Health Insurance (half of the benefit is their negotiating leverage, assuming they pay nothing, it still reduces the bill by 60%)

    • Guest

      I agree, many spend way too much money on things, and think they have to upgrade every time a new smart phone comes out. I disagree about the dryers though Jordana. Many don’t have the back yard space or time to wait for all your clothes to dry on a line. When I had backyard space, only things I hung on the line on nice days Spring through Fall were sheets and towels, everything else went into the dryer.
      As for Smart Phones, there are those of us that actually do need the capabilities of a Smart Phone, but don’t need to buy a new one every single year when the new model comes out, let it slide for 4 to 5 years, they still work with no problem.