Want to Save on Gas? There's an App for That

Want to Save on Gas? There's an App for That

While it's true that the average price of regular gas rose by 15 cents a gallon in the last week alone, at least one company is trying to ease the burden of keeping your car running.

Cumberland Farms, a chain of convenience stores and gas stations scattered across the Northeast, introduced an incentive this week for its customers to use their new free app, SmartPay. Customers with the app can punch in the pump number at the store to activate the flow of gas, and then fill up as usual.


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A discount of 10 cents a gallon is then applied automatically, and the charge is deducted from the customer's checking or PayPal account.

The reason behind this generosity actually makes a lot of sense. Debit and credit card transaction fees placed on gas station owners can really add up, and the use of checking or PayPal accounts through the app means fewer fees for the gas station, as well.

As Daily Finance points out, the offer of a discount when customers skip using credit or debit cards is really nothing new. In fact, according to the article, "It's long been common to see separate prices posted at gas stations for cash transactions, especially at small chains or local stations."

What do you think of the Cumberland Farms app idea? Would you be game to give it a try?


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