This 'Gated Community' Is Entirely Online

This 'Gated Community' Is Entirely Online

In a world where hackers are constantly in the news and fraudsters can rack up millions in debt while their victims are none the wiser, it’s no surprise that those with means would seek out a more secure way to exchange information online.

Enter Summitas, a web security firm that utilizes National Security Agency-level encryption to protect the data of the rich and private, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Typical Summitas clients are individuals worth $5 million or more who can easily afford the $7,500 or more annual fee for the service.


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Summitas users can send email, store documents, and set up private social networks that require administrator approval to join. The site security is so ironclad that users feel comfortable storing documents like wills, deeds to homes, bank information and embarrassing photos on the site.

For the rest of us, there is a “bare-bones” version of the service—where users can use a “digital vault” and do some limited sharing—available for as little as $19 per month.


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