Where You Can Find Office Romance

Where You Can Find Office Romance

You might have observed or experienced romance—and the fallout that can happen afterward—in your workplace. But did you know that certain occupations and geographical areas have higher instances of workplace relationships than others?

Recent studies from CareerBuilder and Payscale investigated how, where, and to whom office romances happen the most, according to an article in Forbes.

Apparently, workplace romance is far from a rarity: Despite an abundance of company policies against it and possible disapproval from fellow workers, the CareerBuilder survey found that 39% of employees had dated a coworker at least once, and 17% had dated a coworker at least twice.

Some employees end up finding a mate on the job simply because it is difficult for them to date during their off-hours. Employees who work during typical dating hours—like food service managers, cooks, and dispatchers—are most likely to engage in a workplace romance, according to the Payscale report.


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Where you live also impacts the probability of having a relationship with a coworker: residents of Chattanooga, Tenn., Des Moines, Iowa, and Toledo, Ohio are the most likely to date a coworker, the report says.

There are some fields, however, where office Casanovas may want to think twice before starting relationships. Members of the clergy are, of course, disapproving of romance between coworkers, but surprisingly, they are topped by dental hygienists, who are the most intolerant of relationships in the workplace. Given the experience of an Iowa hygienist who was fired for being "irresistible," perhaps it's no surprise that they'd prefer to avoid office romance altogether.

Still, pursuing a relationship at work may just be worth the risk: a third of people who had dated a coworker ended up marrying that person.

Tell us: Do you work in any of the states or professions with the most inter-coworker relationships?


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