The Newest Way to Shop? Twitter

The Newest Way to Shop? Twitter

We know what you were thinking: There simply aren't enough ways to spend money.

Just kidding! But here's another one for you. Fast Company reports that American Express and Twitter have launched a partnership to help consumers shop straight through their existing Twitter feeds.


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It works like this: Amex cardholders sync their accounts with Twitter, then tweet a designated hashtag when they want to make a purchase. Amex responds, and when the customer confirms, the deal is considered done—all via Twitter. At first, these purchases will be limited to a curated group of products (think Kindles and Xbox 360s).

This isn't the first stage of a Twitter/Amex partnership. Last year, the two companies teamed up to offer discounts via hashtag, and purchases via hashtag are the next step in the campaign. It's a win-win, where customers promote brands as they purchase products, and Amex facilitates the transaction.

We could think of less cool ways to spend the money left over in our budget.


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