Job Seekers: Ignore Social Media at Your Peril

Job Seekers: Ignore Social Media at Your Peril

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It’s easy to update one’s LinkedIn profile with a feeling of futility and frustration. I mean really, when was the last time someone you know claimed to have gotten a job because of the professional networking site?!

But apparently it’s more common to score an awesome job due to social media than one would expect. A new infographic by Online Colleges reveals that one in six job seekers credit social media to finding work, so before you tell your mom you think it’s pointless to clean up your LinkedIn account (been there, was mistaken!), recognize than nearly 100% of employers recruit through social media.

As you can probably assume, we use social media to job hunt as well. Last year, more than half of job seekers turned to Facebook to dig around for a job, and 38% resorted to Twitter for the same reason. The only reason I ever got my first job was because I responded to a tweet, so I can say with certainty that social media can really be a life-saver. Check out the full infographic below and remember that social media isn’t all bad.

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