Freelancers on Fire

Jacqui Kenyon

freelancer on laptopFreelancers are the “kings and queens of the new workforce,” an article in Forbes claims. In a “task-based” economy with high unemployment and a large and growing number of startups, freelance experts are becoming a desired commodity. Freelance marketplace reported more than $200 million in earnings last year.

According Elance’s report, freelancers with creative and technical expertise are the most desired by companies.

The CMO of Elance, Rich Pearson, told Forbes that in a startup environment, with a small, busy staff, “bringing on a project-based employee is a great way to knock tasks off one at a time.”

This boom benefits freelancers, as well—demand has been growing for their specialized work. Earnings grew 151% in content writing, 78% in blog writing, 205% in web design and 190% in digital marketing over the past year.

  • Mario

    Interesting that the article makes no mention of health insurance and other benefits. It would seem that the temporary aspect of the work means that companies stand to save a lot of money by not paying anything other than wages

  • Rae

    Yeah, but if you lose your job and lose your insurance, you’re SOL, and continuing coverage in this country ain’t cheap. I’d rather be responsible for myself than rely on a company that doesn’t have any long-term obligation to keep me insured. It’s still rough out there, but I know I can count on myself.