Freelancers on Fire

Freelancers on Fire

Freelancers are the “kings and queens of the new workforce,” an article in Forbes claims. In a “task-based” economy with high unemployment and a large and growing number of startups, freelance experts are becoming a desired commodity. Freelance marketplace reported more than $200 million in earnings last year.


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According Elance's report, freelancers with creative and technical expertise are the most desired by companies.

The CMO of Elance, Rich Pearson, told Forbes that in a startup environment, with a small, busy staff, “bringing on a project-based employee is a great way to knock tasks off one at a time.”

This boom benefits freelancers, as well—demand has been growing for their specialized work. Earnings grew 151% in content writing, 78% in blog writing, 205% in web design and 190% in digital marketing over the past year.


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