Enter to Win $250 to Soap.com!

Enter to Win $250 to Soap.com!

altSome household tasks—like organizing our odds-and-ends drawer, or color-coding our shoe collection—we find strangely satisfying.

But when it comes to most of our other everyday errands, like grocery shopping or picking up those last-minute household necessities at the drugstore, we know we have better things to do. Like spending a few quality hours with family or friends—or even just indulging in some much-needed down time.

That’s why we’re obsessed with Soap.com. In a matter of minutes, we can add competitively priced household and beauty products, health care necessities and groceries to our list—and suddenly, our lengthy to-do list suddenly got a whole shorter. Plus, they’ve got free 1- to 2-day shipping for all orders over $49, so more free time isn’t costing us more in delivery fees.

Another perk? The site remembers the items you’ve bought before, so future online shopping trips go even more quickly.

Start shopping on Soap.com today and enjoy free shipping on your first $25+ order, and enter to win a $250 Soap.com gift card and a 5-Year LearnVest Financial Plan (worth $349) by signing up here.


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